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Educator and activist Brittany Stephenson exemplifies the leadership and representation Luzerne County needs. She will bring innovation and transparency to Luzerne County and reform how the Council operates in service to the people.

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The people of Luzerne County have suffered and experienced great trials and tribulations due to the efficiency of the Council. Luzerne County needs new leadership that represents and reflects the strength and resilience of its community. The people of Luzerne County are ready to push forward, learn, and rehabilitate their neighborhoods with leaders who bring transparent governance. 



 Brittany  Stephenson is a lower middle-class educator who grew up in poverty right in the streets of Wilkes-Barre, PA. She values community, collectivism, and innovation. And she believes that when you take diversity and equity into consideration, you will find a variety of ways to serve everyone in your community. Brittany values hard work and dedication and understands the true meaning of a grassroots movement. The people of Luzerne County needs someone who has experienced the struggle and can therefore find ways to combat those challenges. 


Brittany Stephenson plans to be new perspectives to the table as the first Black woman to ever run for Luzerne County Council. While taking into account all populations in Luzerne County, Stephenson plans to save money in the budget and allocate funding appropriately by assessing primary needs and utilizing best practices and policies to reinforce the effectiveness of the Council. 

The Power of Community, Passion, Experience, and Leadership 






March 7, 2023

Stephenson is making history by being the first Black woman to run for council. 

Stephenson makes history as the first Black woman to ever run for Luzerne County Council. 

Stephenson wins the Primary Election.

May 16, 2023

Brittany has won the primary, garnering one of six Democratic nominations, holding the third spot on the ticket in the November 7th election.  

March 30, 2023

PA Stands Up endorses Brittany Stephenson for Luzerne County Council


Pennsylvania Stands Up is a multi-racial organization fighting for a PA that works for #AllofUs! For 2023 PA Stands Up has chosen to endorse Brittany Stephenson as a prime candidate to serve in 2024. 

July 5, 2023

Brittany Takes
the democracyFIRST Promise 


Brittany pledged to the democracyFIRST Promise today, which consists of the following four principles: "Support every eligible American citizen’s freedom to exercise their right to register and vote in free, fair, accessible, safe, and secure elections.

March 20, 2023

Stephenson celebrates advocacy work for the Hunger Free Campus Grant.


On March 22, 2022, Stephenson was a graduate assistant for the Office of Access and Success at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. She journeyed with 50-plus undergraduate students to the Capital Building to partner with #SwipeOutHunger and advocate for the basic needs of college students across the state. 

One year later, Bloomsburg University, what is now known as the Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania, will receive the $60,000 Hunger Free Campus Grant, along with several other institutions across the state of Pennsylvania. 

This is a picture of Brittany Stephenson and Joanna McClinton
Brittany Stephenson
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