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Luzerne County Council


New Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community


Meet Brittany Stephenson, a passionate and dedicated leader with a deep commitment to making positive changes in her community. She is a proud graduate of the Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, where she earned three Bachelor's degrees in English Literature, Secondary Education, and Interpersonal Communication.


Currently pursuing a Master's degree in Education: Educational Leadership and College of Student Affairs, Brittany Stephenson serves as a Graduate Assistant in the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Commonwealth University of Pennsylvania. In this role, she focuses on diversity, retention, and student outreach initiatives, working tirelessly to create a more inclusive and welcoming campus environment.

But Stephenson's dedication to service doesn't stop there. She is also running for Luzerne County Council because she believes in the power of local government to effect meaningful change in people's lives. As she puts it, "This is the community that raised me. This is the community that watched me grow; this is also the community that had no choice but to send me away for school because they didn't believe what we had in our community was enough. I left; I then returned with new knowledge and the confidence my community needs to explore and expand."

Brittany Stephenson is running because she knows that Luzerne County can be even better than it is today. With her expertise in education and commitment to diversity and inclusion, she is uniquely positioned to help guide the county toward a brighter future. She hopes to inspire young people to get involved in local government because she believes that "regular people should have the chance to have a voice and make decisions that reflect and impact the people surrounding that area."

With Brittany Stephenson on the Luzerne County Council, the future is bright indeed. So if you believe, like she does, in the power of local government to effect positive change in people's lives, vote for Brittany Stephenson in the Primary election on May 16, 2023, and the General election on November 7, 2023. 



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